Faith Over Factors

Trials are a part of life. I think so many times as Christians we think once you accept Christ life is supposed to get easier. Yet, anyone that has been trying to follow God for any length of time realizes, trials still happen- life still goes on. The difference is now you have the Almighty God as your comforter, as your friend, as your loving father, who always be there waiting with open arms. Yesterday at The Source we talked about trials, and how to follow God through the good times and the bad. We realized three things:

1. Trials are a call back to God. The scripture that comes to mind and I encourage you to look at this week is Romans 12:12. It says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer”. Realize that God is a redemptive God and if you truly believe in his power and goodness, you can trust that your situation will be no exception to His nature.

2. When the trials subside, your call is defined. Most of the time when you are in the middle of the storm you cannot see what is 5 feet in front of you. However, if you are patient and wait out the storm usually it is even clearer where you are going than ever before. Look at 1 Kings 19 and even a little before, and see how God can speak to you, and how so many times God is not this big booming voice in the sky, but rather a whisper in your ear. As you look at Kings 19 realize the lesson you can learn about listening. When you pray this week, pray your prayers, but then LISTEN for God after. Sit there in the silence and just listen for God’s voice.

3. Know, speak, and act His word to push back Hell. The best example of how to go through trials and temptation, of course, comes from Jesus.

Leading up to Matthew, Jesus has been preparing for His public ministry and was learning His word. So when the moment comes to be tempted He was able to know God’s word, speak it back to the Tempter, and push back hell through his actions. Begin reading Matthew and see how God gives us this example of how to handle times of temptation. Just like yesterday, I would like to leave you with this question...

Are you going to let your circumstances control your faith or your faith control your circumstances?

-Pastor Esteban

Daniel Aiello